Special Issue - Perspectives and Challenges of Narrative Medicine in the 21st Century


International Medical Humanities Review
Revista Internacional de Humanidades Médicas

Título: Perspectives and Challenges of Narrative Medicine in the 21st Century


In order to contribute to the construction and dissemination of knowledge about Narrative Medicine, as well as to reflect on the various perspectives related to the topic, MEDICA REVIEW International Medical Humanities Review invites the international scientific community and health service professionals to submit their thematic articles to the number, referring to Volume 10, Number 2, which will be released in 2022.

Narrative Medicine, which began with the work of Rita Charon – graduated in medicine from Harvard Medical School and PhD in literature from Columbia University – has increasingly occupied the pages of specialized journals and books of the health area. It has two main characteristics: the approach of privileging narratives of patients and health professionals, as well as interdisciplinarity and the dialogue between health and humanities. Narrative Medicine encourages all professionals involved in the care of human beings to debate the different perspectives on life, health, wellness and death.

The thematic number aims to popularize works in the areas of the Humanities, in dialogue with those of Health Sciences, that address issues related to the scope of Narrative Medicine; especially those related to the problems of care, teaching, research, management and innovation, social, ethical, scientific aspects , literature and others. The articles should be able to address analyzes of the importance of Narrative Medicine in the scope of collective and individual health; as well as its social, psychological, cultural, existential and spiritual repercussions, in different theoretical perspectives.

This issue intends to promote the debate about the relevance of Narrative Medicine in an interdisciplinary perspective. It involves health sciences in general and medicine in particular, in dialogue with history, philosophy, sociology, anthropology, politics, the arts and the humanities.


  • Narrative Medicine in the context of collective and individual health
  • Narrative Medicine within the scope of social repercussions
  • Narrative Medicine in the psychological sphere
  • Narrative Medicine in the cultural sphere
  • Narrative Medicine in the existential and spiritual sphere
  • Narrative Medicine under different theoretical and practical perspectives
  • Narrative Medicine in the literary field

Accepted languages: English, Spanish, Portuguese.

Submission deadline: 1 September 2022

Communication of rejection/acceptance deadline: 30 October 2022.

Date of publication: 30 November 2022.

Submission guidelines